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Nothing is greater than using licensed music to highlight the beauty of creative productions. Surely they will take the world by storm as the music you use is uniquely composed


You have made a breakthrough in music and you want to secure your works of art from plagiarism? Then it’s time to get it licensed.

Labels& publishers

Join the music licensing world, present your company and your composers and then you can get your music sold effortlessly.

yooka Production

With Yooka, music is not only a means of recreation but also the soul of creativity. Make your own music with Yooka Production, why not?

Why Yooka Music?

Everybody ends up good music licensing and you will do, too. Among hundreds of license music sites, Yookamusic stands out as the most prestigious witch of music.

We love creativity and we offer a platform for music lovers like you to find music and get it licensed. With Yookamusic, license music is no longer an infeasible task. Come and see what you get when you visit us.


Keep It Forever

“Can I own my licensed music forever?” Yes, you can! With Yookamusic, Once buy, forever use.

Handpicked Tracks

From now on, the worry about low-quality old music is gone forever. Why? We censor and choose the newly uploaded tracks carefully. Serving you the best music is our mission.

Massive music store

If you need diverse tracks to choose from, Yakoonmusic is your right option. We offer a myriad of songs that all fit your taste.

Use It Where Ever

Worry about the limited available platform? Forget it now! Our tracks are valid in all the platforms you use. Youtube? Vimeo? All fine.

New Music Every Week

Hundreds of new tracks are updated weekly and you will not be able to resist their mesmerizing melody for sure. They are all waiting to be explored by you!


Easy to use

We know that a music creator like you love simplicity. On our site, no complicated procedure exists. Come and license your music with us now.

Connect With Your Fans

The happiest thing to an artist is to connect with their fans. Hey music creator! Thousands of people who love your music are waiting for you on YookaMusic!

Protect Your Track

“Your creativity is yours”. Security and respect for copyright - That's what you get from us. Your job is to let your music shine bright. Protecting it? let YookaMusic do.

The Perks Behind

What’s more can you get when getting your music licensed? Safety? Convenience? That’s all? No! Believe us, you will have more than that!

Music licensing will nourish the artistic soul inside you. Plagiarism can greatly affect the ability to create music of true artists just like you. With music licensing, you can handle the infringement as you can prove your ownership. Now you can rest assured to live your passion!

“ Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Music has power. You know what? It’s the ability to arouse the beauty in every existing object in life. Let your music licensed and spread it around, you will find out the true beauty of life.

What our customers Say

"Your Playlists make the whole process of finding the right music extremely simple, saving us time and money. The quality of the music is astonishing."
"I was looking for some sound tracks and intro music to add in my Hi-Fi audio instruction video for my audiophile website and Yooka Music did a great job. I couldn't find it on their website so I reached out to their support agents and they sent back some suggestion the day after. I found what I need here but the overall experience is 4/5 stars because it's hard to search the music by yourself!"
"Anyone who has ever searched and licensed music the old fashion way will understand why we use YookaMusic for our projects. I recommend it."
Frédéric Provost
ThinkArt Communication
"This is Kevin from MusicalStudy. I'm a guitarist and music producer. I'm good at music effects such as delay, reverb,... Check my website if you want a guide for getting the best cheap reverb pedal. Back to the main story, I've to know YookaMusic for 3 months, helps me license my guitar tracks, make money from composing and selling my creation. It's an amazing platform, easy to use and has a lot of potential licensees and record labels want to work with you. Highly recommend!"
Kevin Deal
Musical Study

About Us

We are not merely a music licensing site, we are your companion on the path of art!

Yookamusic was born to satisfy your music taste. We create a miniature world for people who need music and music creators who want to spread their works worldwide. YookaMusic knows that music is the soul of every product you make. Films, video games, adverts, websites and other audiovisual productions- They all need music to awake the vividness inside them.

With YookaMusic, the true beauty of music will shine as it is licensed at an affordable price. Thousands of composers, publishers, and independent labels fall in love with YookaMusic the very first time they get their music licensed.

What are you looking for? Perfect soundtracks for the upcoming blockbuster? The interaction among music lovers? They are all here! Many users of YookaMusic confess that they can not satisfy more with the music we offer. And now it’s your turn! Join us and let tell us you what true music is.

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