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From Licensees

Jon Miller – National Geographic Channel

Your Playlists make the whole process of finding the right music extremely simple, saving us time and money. The quality of the music is astonishing.

David Klein – J Walter Thompson

It is remarkable to bring composers, music labels and end-users together in an international online community. It’s even better to be personable and accessible. YookaMusic does it all. Great company to work with!

Johan Banks – Ogilvy

Our client wanted unique sound to complement their brand and you translated this requirement into the perfect music. We were enchanted with the outcome. This will encourage us to get involved in music development a lot earlier in the creative process.

Frédéric Provost – ThinkArt Communication

Anyone who has ever searched and licensed music the old fashion way will understand why we use YookaMusic for our projects. I recommend it.

Katia Horn – The Independent Movies Factory

I get a headache thinking of the time we have spent in the past licensing music for our projects, trying to find someone who might know the person we have to negotiate with, waiting weeks for answers and, in the end, being frustrated by the price asked, pushing us to find another solution. Thanks to YookaMusic, we are now in the 21st century!

Kurt Nielsen – Baker & Partners

YookaMusic is a real one-stop shop that allows us to find music as well as composers in a very easy way. From now on we will always begin our searches on your site.

J.J. Neira – Karma Productions

YookaMusic is definitely the music licensing marketplace!

Saga Film

YookaMusic makes the whole process of searching and licensing music very simple, saving a lot of time and money.

Jean-Francois Gance – LPM

We were rushing to finish a film. One music track was still missing for a scene. In less than 15 minutes, we found what we wanted, got the file and the license agreement. It’s exactly what we want when we have to license music. A great experience!

Helen Appling – Founder of ScatRecords.com

I was looking for some sound tracks and intro music to add in my Hi-Fi audio instruction video for my audiophile website and Yooka Music did a great job. I couldn’t find it on their website so I reached out to their support agents and they sent back some suggestion the day after. I found what I need here but the overall experience is 4/5 stars because it’s hard to search the music by yourself!

From Licensors

Juicy Audio Productions

I think that YookaMusic offer one of the most upfront and clear structures available for music licensing today. All pricing is transparent, and they even compile playlists to save the licensee time and energy in finding the right piece for their project. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Pierre De

With their willing to select the quality over quantity, the logical thing is that YookaMusic will soon be known as a shop of choice by any team searching for the right music in a minimum of time. I would say without hesitation that YookaMusic is the best place to license music.

Almario Macion

I’m really satisfied with the efficiency and technology that YookaMusic.com utilizes. This is a highly recommended music library!


Excellent way to gain exposure, including outside of the US for a composer working in Los Angeles. Very professional and knowledgable team, I recommend YookaMusic to all of my colleagues.

Sergio Taronna – Anorak Supersport

YookaMusic is a professional tool that allows us to present our entire catalogue and control the licensing process from start to finish, the same way as we do offline. Their unique “License On Request” system allows us to enter into direct negotiations with the buyers for the part of our catalogue which is not pre-cleared and it also allows us to centralise all elements of the negotiation in one place (no risk of losing or missing important emails anymore). And last but not least, there are no monthly or annual flat fees to pay and the team is really dedicated and always prepared to give advice…

Julian Angel

I think your business idea is great and I hope (for all of us…) that it will become a major success. Also I like the fact that you don’t charge flat – or up front – fees and only get money when a track is licensed, just like a real publisher should.

William Cramer – Founder of Fire Inside Music

I started to work with YookaMusic 2 months ago in order to sell my piano instrumental music and looking for clients to partner with for the long-term. As far as I know, YookaMusic.com is the most comprehensive platform on the music licensing market. They helped me sell a lot of tracks in the marketplace. A large bridge to the future!

Frederic Vercheval

I’ve been waiting for years for a site that could meet my needs as a professional composer/producer. Now that has been done with YookaMusic.com. Thank you!

Kevin Deal – Musicalstudy.com

This is Kevin from MusicalStudy. I’m a guitarist and music producer. I’m good at music effects such as delay, reverb,… Check my website if you want a guide for getting the best cheap reverb pedal. Back to the main story, I’ve to know YookaMusic for 3 months, helps me license my guitar tracks, make money from composing and selling my creation. It’s an amazing platform, easy to use and has a lot of potential licensees and record labels want to work with you. Highly recommend!