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YookaMusic Network

The YM Network is an international network of composers to which audiovisual professionals can appeal when they want to have some original music created for their projects. The YM Network offers a variety of services which aim to increase awareness of composers and their music. Being a member of YM Network is optional. Of course, you can use YookaMusic.com for as long as you want without joining YM Network.

How it works?

01 You must be registered as a Licensor
Creating a Licensor account is free. If you are not already registered as a Licensor, sign up now.

02 You must have a minimum of 25 music in your account

You must have at least 25 original music tracks in your account "Music". Please note that only the ‘main versions’ are taken into account (sub-versions will not be considered as separate versions).

03 Submit your membership to the YM Network

The affiliation to the YM Network is free but subject to prior approval. You can submit your membership to the YM Network at any time through your account. Please read our FAQ and the YM Network - Terms & Conditions.

04 Enjoy the YM Network's services
If your affiliation has been accepted, you will be allowed to enjoy the services of the YM Network:


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