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Nicoco composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Composer, percussionist, pianist since (as the gun barrel to cool places) some time! I invite you for a walk between classical music, jazz, electronica, film music, soul, pop, ambient, disco etc ... And as the others who say it best, here are some critical neighborhoods: "This is a rich world of sound, seasoned pepper, sweet rhythms, melodies brightened with sparkling and juicy pieces of real bubbles inside. yum! we feel necessarily cordon bleu behind it all ... ". "A talent than some of the various ingredients to marry and make a dish that can listen and listen again." "It is a good cook, everything he does is done with heart with pleasure for our greatest happiness. Find out in other registers, you will not be disappointed because it is positive, and all his notes are smooth and glide you splash".

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