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Saints are a band from Glasgow, Scotland who are based in Denver, Colorado in the USA. Brothers Rob and Lewi Gault moved from Scotland to America to start a band on a different horizon, in need of a change form the grey skies of their upbringing. Blaine Schult, an American, is the third member of Saints. Saints began life as a brit rock outfit, modeled on early Oasis/Charlatans/Stone Roses. This was something different for Denver, a heartland Island in the American west and initial reviews were mixed with a stoic few championing the cause. In spite of local indifference, Saints managed to release 'Saints E.P.' to universal acclaim from critics in the US and UK alike. Billy Sloan of The Scottish Daily Record called Saints "The best new thing I've heard in ages". The E.P. was followed up by a similar double A Side "Things Pass Away/This Is How It Feels'. These initial releases were enough to secure a sold out show at Denver's famous Bluebird Theatre and a support slot for Smashing Pumpkins and Colorado band Flobots in 2009. In 2010, Saints unleashed a new sound, spearheaded by the release of 'Dark Country', a darker, more ominous and rhythmic sound which met with praise from far and near again. The new sound paved the way for Saints to record new material in the mould of Dark Country which will be released steadily in 2012. In October 2011, Saints signed with Crucial music licensing company in Hollywood, California. In December the same year, Saints also had 'Dark Country' placed in rotation in Colorado on KTCL 93.3 FM. As of January 2012, Saints are currently recording again with plans to release early in the year.


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