In the spotlight: Psh Project

Paul Hunter composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Paul Hunter is no stranger to music... As well as producing dance material and running his own label Psh Recordings, he is very busy putting tracks together under one of his many pseudonyms known as Psh Project. Psh Project is Music for films TV and just about any media source you can think of. With a wide selection of tracks and so many influences you could shake a stick at its not hard to see where all the inspiration comes from. His current material ranges from Electronica chill-out to classical crossover, and it doesn't stop there! Psh Project music has been used in many videos across the web, one favourite being background music for computer games. He was even approached by a German mig 25 jet fighter pilot who wanted to use his music to accompany a video of his flight into the edge of space! A piece of music can be very powerful on its own... Put it together with moving pictures and you reinforce its strength and create the perfect unison.


In the spotlight: Catherine Kubillus

Catherine Kubillus composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Catherine Kubillus is a recording artist, influenced by Folk, Soul and Electronic, writing and performing her own material. She has worked in the music industry on and off since childhood, Catherine's experience within this have included backing vocals and voice overs for live, studio and session recording artists and production music. Catherine has been a recording artist since childhood and has been performing on TV and radio throughout Europe from a very early age. The EP will be released on 30 September 2012, available through CD Baby, online and in stores. The album was recorded at Garage Studios in Sussex, England and produced by Martin Smith, former bassist of the Electric Light Orchestra. Mastered by Jon Astley, who produced The Who, Eric Clapton, Deborah Harry, Kate Bush etc... Nick Coler, plays keys on "Tight Pants" he has written for Kylie Minogue, Sugar Babes to name a few. 

Three members of the Swing and Jive band “The Jive Aces" play on "Simon Says". The album was recorded mostly live to give it a more authentic feel, this means the musicians rehearsed all the songs beforehand and then played each track in as organic as possible. Of the 7 track EP, all bar one were written by Catherine herself. 
 All vocals are sung by Catherine, including arranging the harmonies of all the backing vocals. Born in Vienna, to her father an author and Austrian mother, both working and living in the Austrian art scene of the time, surrounded by their friends and acquaintances of various classes from artists to aristocracy. At the age of nine, Catherine's family lived in England and a couple of years later moved to Denmark. Whilst at School there, Catherine sang in the school choir and toured through Europe, appearing on TV and Radio Shows. On a whim her two sisters and her started to sing together and worked up quite a repertoire of 30's and 40's style songs. The group started to get quite successful and soon they decided to move back to England, however different career opportunities put their project on hold. Catherine accompanies herself on guitar but her ethereal vocals and ability to capture the listener are one of her finest strengths. After completing a basic course in Art she turned her attention to music again. Wanting to know more about the music industry she worked for "The End of the Road Festival" behind the scenes for a couple of years whilst writing new material, some of the songs written during that period will be featured on her forthcoming EP. She is currently based in the UK. Catherine poses as a model for various art projects. She writes reviews for films published on her blog "Mania". Featured on "Don't Wanna Feel This" by Ludwig Amadeus in March 2011. Backing vocals for a re-release of "In The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics and recently worked for BA Roberston again as a backing vocalist. Single "Boy" released in January 2012. Her EP "Clowns" will be released worldwide 30 September 2012 on CDBaby.

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