Independent US label Ironhorse Music Group join YookaMusic!

In 2005, Ironhorse Music Group LLC was created as an avenue for urban recording artists in the greater New York area. Its initial roster has had nominal successes in record sales, digital downloads as well as cable television, DVD and straight-to-DVD placements.

Since then, the New York based record company has expanded beyond the greater Tri-state area, forming partnerships and lasting relationships in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia and South Africa through licensing via publishing ventures with Vintage 75 Music and Arts of Alice.

IHMG’s goal is to continue to provide quality music to its ever-expanding consumer base while maintaining its locally global appeal. IHMG will also continue to adopt new media and embrace technological advances in hopes that their consumers get the quality of music they demand and deserve.


Independent German label Perfectzeromusic join YookaMusic!

Perfectzeromusic was founded as an Independent-Label in 2007.

Part of perfectzeromusic is the Supernova Studio, situated in the medievel town of Hachenburg in Germany’s 'West Forest' (well known for its fantastic beer), where music for Film, Advertising and PC-Games is also composed and produced.

Here, the perfectzero-Artists can realize their ideas in optimal conditions without the usual pressures.


Independent label 3 Liquid Hz Records join YookaMusic!

3 Liquid Hz Records is based in Transylvania, Romania and it was founded in May 2007 by 3 musicians driven exclusively by the passion for music.

3 Liquid Hz Records releases include a wide range of genres: from deep house, minimal, progressive and techno to chill-out, downtempo and even experimental.

Initially the label's goal was to present and promote the main band "3 Liquid Hz", formerly known as "Contact", but the great feedback received from Dj's and listeners over the world quickly grown the artist rooster and the label's catalogue.

The label founders are determined to release only quality music from talented musicians / producers and to promote them to a global audience.


Artist of the month: Soldout

Soldout are Charlotte and David. They met in 2003 and recorded a demo mixing each others influences.

Definitely electro, but deep and sensitive, they signed their music on the belgian label Anorak Supersport and released their first album Stop talking in Benelux in 2004.

With the support of all press and radios, they started touring and soon became everybody's favourites.

From the crazy kids to the new wave lovers, the nightclubbers, the mudlovers, the nostalgics of EBM, and the return of the eighties dance kings, they all fell for this fresh and sweaty band.


Composers of the month: Jess Stroup

Born into a musical family, Jess Stroup took an interest in music at a young age. Beginning with piano at the age of six, he studied many instruments growing up, including piano, double bass, violin, drums, and classical guitar. Live instruments make up the majority of Stroup’s music, with guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and ethnic instruments frequently appearing in his compositions. A graduate of New York University’s music production program, he is also a trained audio engineer, and it is this blend of technical knowledge and musical background that creates a cutting-edge yet familiar, organic sound.


Independent UK label Audiobulb Records join YookaMusic!

Audiobulb Records is an exploratory music label designed to promote creativity in all its forms. Audiobulb releases artist works on CD & download formats as well as multimedia works, VST, audio hardware and other creative tools.

Works supported by Audiobulb often explore the interface between the electronic and natural world. We embrace the complexity of unique electronics, intricate acoustics and detailed microsounds.


Independent belgian label Igloo Records join YookaMusic!

For 30 years already, the jazz label Igloo Records has been providing a platform for new talent in European jazz, notably Philip Catherine, Eric Legnini, Steve Houben and Nathalie Loriers...

Early releases on Igloo include Chet Baker and guitarist Philip Catherine. But more than anything else, the label has provided a platform for young musicians from jazz and contemporary music.

Over the years, it has had the privilege of releasing first albums from pianists Eric Legnini and Nathale Loriers, the vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher and Melanie De Biasio.


Independent UK label Titanium Music join YookaMusic!

Titanium is a dynamic music production and publishing company which works collaboratively with artists to write and produce engaging, commercially successful music.

Titanium is a company started by Michael Conn, who was one of the leading classical guitarists of his generation. Signed to Decca, Michael was one of the few artists in this field to sell hundreds of thousands of records worldwide. He gave his final performance at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Michael then became a leading composer for Television and Film, most notably placing adverts for Ford, Apple and Coca Cola, as well as the soundtrack for the BBC’s coverage of the Sydney Olympics. Whilst working on films, Michael began collaborating with leading pop and dance artists and producers, and since has contributed on several successful albums.


11.11 - YM's favorites

A selection of some of our favorite tracks posted on YookaMusic during November 2011.

Our Playlist system is a quick and easy way of finding and licensing the best music to suit your productions: From films to adverts, games, corporate projects or websites. Discover our other Playlists here.


Independent Polish label Seek Records join YookaMusic!

Warsaw based label promoting fresh and sharp vibes from Poland. SEEK Records is a new electronic venture courtesy of Pimo & Tigermaan a.k.a Modfunk.

Our musical policy is to promote Polish producers and their work worldwide. We are cleverly crafting our trademark sound and blurring boundaries between house and electro. Polish electronic scene is still undiscovered, but you can be sure that the quality level on here is high. So be ready!

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