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Composer, unsigned artist or music production company.

Top 5 questions

Do I retain the ownership on my music?
Yes. You retain 100% of your ownership.

Do you request exclusivity?
No. Your collaboration with YookaMusic is non-exclusive. You may work with anyone, including posting your work on other platforms.

How much will I earn?
You get 50% percent on the income generated by the sales of your licenses.

What about the pricing?
Our pricing policy is available here.

Do I have to be member of a Performance Rights Society?
No. You do not have to be member of PRS. Although, if you want to perceive performance rights, we suggest that you join one of these societies.

Licensors - Terms and conditions

Creative Commons Creative Commons licensors are welcome! Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers an alternative to full copyright.

I create music How it works?

Get your music licensed

Submit your music

YookaMusic is non-exclusive. Please read our audio requirement before submitting a track.

Sell licenses

License your music for films, television programs, video and computer games, advertising campaigns, mobile phone and web content.

Get Opportunities

Get opportunities posted by companies looking for specifics tracks.

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