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Audio requirement

Please follow these specifications when submitting music:

Audio format

All music must be submitted in broadcast quality, .wav or .aiff., 16bit, 44.1khz, stereo. Mp3 format is not allowed, whatever the quality of the audio compression.

Type of music

Instrumental and vocal music (even solo instrument or a cappella) from any conceivable genre, period or language, as long as it is your property and/or property that is licensed to you under an express written agreement.

Use real instruments

We don’t accept tracks with samples of acoustic instruments. Particularly THIS sample of acoustic guitar. You see what we mean? ;-)


Having sub-versions of a music track definitely increases the chance of it being used. Sub-versions could be the playback version of a song, remix(es), loop(s), flash loop(s) and various lengths of the music (i.e. 5", 10", 20", 30", 1' and 4').

Samples/Sound libraries

If you use music samples and/or sound libraries that are copyrighted, you must be fully authorised by the owners of the samples and/or the sound libraries to use them in your music.


Please don't type in ALL CAPS.


Please read also our FAQ and our Licensors - Terms and Conditions regarding this matter.


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