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Shiva Jibodh a.k.a. Indojin is a music producer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His artistname was given by one of his best friends in highschool. Indojin first came in contact with music at the age of 5 when he got his first baby-piano given by his parents. Always playing the piano he started to take serious lessons to master the keys on his, then purchased, Casio keyboard.

Turning 17, he and four of his friends became really interested in digital music production. At almost the same time the UK music scene became bigger in the Netherlands. 2step and Garage productions like Artful Dodger, Bump 'n Flex, Sunship, Pay As You Go Cartel, Wiley and many more became very popular in the clubs. Indojin and his friends picked it up quickly and started to form a band, producing their own tracks, writing their own lyrics and performing their own songs at different venues. After a few years they all went their own way to become more skillful in their artistry.

Growing up in a musical and cultural-mixed environment, Indojin started to get even more influenced by all the different genres like hip-hop, r&b, house and world music. The Indojin sound now contains a fusion of all these genres. Making it easy to listen and likeable.

Experience is also one of the elements of the sound. He worked with many artists ranging from r&b to house nationally and internationally. With 7 EP's, 1 Album and 1 single and 2 internationaly labeled  tech/deephouse records already released, Indojin is now ready to let the world know about his music and to let them enjoy the sound.



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Public URL : http://www.yookamusic.com/licensor/shivajibodh

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  Up in the Sky (03:22) Standard
  Touch da Roof (03:27) Standard
  Sugar Free (04:41) Standard
  Just Pop It (03:23) Standard
  A Distant Love (04:01) Standard
  Dream Dancer (03:42) Standard
Game Movie score - Cut the Chase (00:45) Standard Exclusive
Movie Game Score - Code Breaker (00:12) Standard Exclusive


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