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Innovative, artistic, visionary, words that describe the music of Pat Thomi. Unlike many of his contemporaries, it is Pat Thomi's visually provocative, and highly emotive style of music that make him one of the most unique and sought after musicians in the realm of orchestral and instrumental music today.

While Pat might say that guitar is his true voice, in truth, he is the quintessential , composer, arranger and producer, incorporating his undeniable mastery of these elements, for the sheer emotional impact and execution of his music. As he says, "my music is very visual, I try to weave an emotional thread through each piece that will take you places... "

In recent years, Pat has moved deeper into worlds of scoring, arranging and ambient instrumental music. Composing and producing out of his own state of the art studio, Pat's music is gaining notoriety. Beautifully executed and arranged, Pat Thomi is making his own mark. Listen to the evocative style of this unique composer - instrumentalist and journey with him into the multi-dimensional realms of his music and composition, a journey from which you might not return the same...



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Patrick Thomi

Public URL : http://www.yookamusic.com/licensor/patrickthomi

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Dew (00:42) Standard
Overture Finale (02:06) Standard
Melodramatic 3 (00:55) Standard
Melodramatic 2 (01:25) Standard
Melodramatic 1 (00:47) Standard
Suspense/Action/Drama 4 (00:39) Standard
Suspense/Action/Drama 3 (00:51) Standard
Suspense/Action/Drama 2 (01:08) Standard
Suspense/Action/Drama 1 (00:21) Standard
Swashbuckler (00:54) Standard


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