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Maximus Creative Music Services:

What is it exactly that we do?

Our background: Maximus started as a licensing and management firm in North Hollywood 2009. We acquired rights, we composed tracks, and then we gained placements. In doing so, many great albums were made and released. We also managed many great groups and individuals throughout their careers.

Our future: Today we work with many different types of individuals in the music industry. Musicians come to us to connect with the entertainment industry. The Industry comes to us to reach the audience. Musicians come to us to create media. The Industry comes to us to create media. It takes a creative, expansive organization to make everything come together and operate like a fine-tuned machine. That's where we are. That's where you're headed.

Licensing and Clearances
One-stop shop. Our catalog is vast, and we provide tracks for Tv, Film, Commercials, Video Games and Trailers. We also compose, produce, and record new tracks on request. We work with supervisors and production companies, and we delve deep into outside catalogs to find them that "perfect track." Whether it's from our catalog or not. The client comes first. Our global reach can provide clearances for most any song, help you negotiate rights & fees, and gain your clearances.

Music Administration
The Music industry can be an ugly and haunting mess of confusion for someone just entering the industry, and even sometimes for the experienced musician. We want you to reach out for assistance. Having the right people and tools in place through the musicians journey is the most important thing to a musician. We can provide you with, or help you find the right; business manager, producer, financial manager, engineer, session musician or anyone else that you need through our vast global network. What's sought can be provided. We show you your options and open the door for you.

Engineering and Production
Maximus Studios is a small studio located in quiet South Western Wisconsin, a short drive from Minneapolis. We have recorded several amazing albums and worked on podcasts. We also work with several great studios in Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles. Our producers are also amazing and have delivered critically acclaimed albums spanning the genres of Metal, Hip Hop, Alternative, Jam, as well as many instrumental compilations for Tv and Film.

The heart of any product is a good marketing plan. Maximus works with clients to do research, and develop a plan to align the tools you will need to build sales and profit. Whether your product is an album, a band, or a tour, we want to help you develop your options.

Commercial Advertising
As a progressive, forward-thinking company, we also work in advertising. Our facilities can provide video production, professional ADR, product development and assist you place your advertisements using a specified approach in the right media avenues.

"The function of a manager is to manage. The function of a performer is to perform. The function of a creative services business is to provide creative services. We service the entertainment industry in many different ways. No project is too big or too small. We have worked with individuals and large businesses."


Music Supervision

We recently moved our facilities form Minneapolis, MN to a quiet estuary in South Central Wisconsin. In a placid and restful place far from where we started in North Hollywood, we have maintained close relations with our clients and offered an alternative setting for great opportunities to happen.

Our editing bay is fantastic. Our recording studio is fantastic. Our priorities are definite.

We are perfectionists. We work hard for our clients.



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Maximus Creative

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