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Who are they?

Hemoptysis is the unrelenting curse of the Sonoran Desert sun. Made up of a diverse group of musicians that have created a sound not heard since the birth of Thrash Metal decades ago. Often imitated but never duplication, Hemoptysis is the true embodiment of the re-birth of American Thrash Metal.

From the ashes of the sun scorched earth; the Arizona desert has unleashed an entity, wielding a sound that can only come from a band that, like their surroundings, lives by only one law: survival of the fittest. Every emotion, note, lyric and breath they emit come from the essence of the wasteland that most call hell, but they call home. The unrelenting sun turns flora to ash by day, only to give way to frigid nights replete with promises of hypothermia; this is where you will find Hemoptysis. Each song delivers a unique expression of emotion that each fan connects with in their own way. Hemoptysis mix elements of Heavy Metal, Thrash, Death and Black Metal into a style that can only come from those that contend daily with an environment of hostility and hopelessness. There's no red carpet here, no Hollywood to magically green-screen you away from harm. In the desert you will find no hope or salvation except the one you create yourself. If you had to classify their music by genre then put them in their own. Desert Core. Riding high off the release of their 5 song EP, "Who Needs A Shepherd?", Hemoptysis appear poised to conquer the Metal realm. The band continues to receive both internet and terrestrial radio airplay, garnering plenty of media attention, and have been dubbed the 2009 and 2010, 'METAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR' by The Phoenix Music Awards.

Who or what do they sound like and what sets them apart?

To compare them to any other band would be an injustice to the originality of their music. Hemoptysis start where other "Original Thrash Metal" bands leave off. They use Thrash Metal as a foundation, mix in the emotions of the desert and in so doing, move the entire genre forward in a way only they can. Whether it's Masaki's uncompromising vocals, Travis' thunderous drums, the monsoon of Ryan's solos or the heart stopping bass of Sunao, Hemoptysis will leave you breathless.

Key career highlights:

• 2009 and 2010 Los Angeles / Phoenix Music Awards, Metal Artist of The Year
• Jackson Guitars, Peavey, EMG Pickups, Engl Amplification, DC California Drums, Soultone Cymbals, Providence Cables and Effects, In Tune Guitar Picks, SIT Strings, Morley Pedals, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Maxon Guitar Effects and Accessories, Mono Case, and Coffin Case Endorsement
• 25 Heavy Metal critics all agree….Who Needs A Shepherd kicks major ass!
• 20 Interviews in print, online and on the radio in 2009
• 40 Clear Channel, College and Internet Radio stations have Hemoptysis in regular rotation.

Their shows.

A Hemoptysis show is akin to witnessing an exorcism. The raw intensity and unearthly power they emit has to be seen to be believed. No gimmicks, no laser light show, just pure aggression and hate being set free.

Their fans.

The legions of fans that surround Hemoptysis are immeasurable. Devoted to the death, they swarm the stage as if to offering their souls to get a glimpse of what Hemoptysis has to offer. It is their fan's unending support that has seen Hemoptysis move past their competition in the Phoenix, Arizona metal scene.



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Masaki Murashita

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