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Arthur Explicit was born Dec. 12 1971. As a young kid he always liked to learn new things. Music was one of them. Arthur started to learn piano at the age of 8, and he learned the acoustic guitar when he turned 14. He started working for free in one of the most popular recording studios in 1989. He went to the studio with his older brother and while his brother took care of business, Arthur started playing around with the drum machines and sequencers. 20 minutes later the first beat was recorded. At the time in late 90′s, professional music equipment was quite expensive and of course a young kid was not able to afford it. So, this is Arthur’s first experience using these kinds of gear. The studio owner took note of it and offered Arthur an internship in his place.

Arthur started working in the studio almost every day and learned about music recording. After a few months he started recording bands with out help. In 1992 Arthur produced his first Chill Out Album in this studio. “I asked for free studio time instead of payment for my work”, he said. The studio owners let him use it for free at night. And this is how Arthur was able to afford his very first electronic music album recording. Arthur and his father opened a record label and start selling this music.

After 7 years break Arthur started over and learned to produce new styles of music. His first album was in Psy-Trance genre. He said that he wanted to give it a try. Psy-Trance elements are not easy to produce, he liked the sound design in this kind of music production. Later, in 2004 Arthur produced his first House Music EP, then he created an album.

After several releases and online recognition, Arthur started to dj in one of the small local clubs. After a few months he starts playing in New York City, but music production was more important at the moment and Arthur would still spend most of his free time in a recording studio. Dance music sounds are also not easy to produce. Many times music producers spent many hours and days just for one sound. As a House and Techno music producer, Arthur always tried his best in order to be original and that took a lot of time and work.

In 2007 Arthur collaborated with the dj/producer Lee Kalt and after just a few months, they created a new records that became a vinyl and has been released on Subliminal records. In 2008 Arthur moved to Las Vegas for a while but he decided that electronic music would be better in the city and most of New York is the city and not the suburbs. Vegas was fun of course, but music comes first!

Somewhere in between Arthur released a few solo albums in Techno, Chill Out, Ambient and General Electronica. Many cool comments were received from his Fans and DJs who enjoyed and played his music. His 2012 album was produced specifically for the dance floor. Every second of final production was considered.

What will happen next in his music career? Arthur is planning to spend more time in the studio and on the road producing electronic tunes and focus on fresh ideas.

» Label: Lights Out Music Network, Inc.


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Arthur Explicit

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