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A lifelong multimedia artist with international awards and clients in multimedia arts, Jack Andrews has composed electronic ambient music for his new album “Infinity of the Mind” and two other albums “Consciousness Evolving” and “Electrokinesis,” with a fourth album currently in the works. His music appears in the PBS series “History Detectives.”

In addition, he has worked with Medwyn Goodall, written music for investigative mythologist William Henry, and composed a themed work, “The Orion Zone,” for author Gary David. His work has appeared in “Ancient American” and “Atlantis Rising” magazines and several books, films and television.

TV shows using my music:

History Detectives – The Hindenburg Artifact: Season 7, Episode 7 10 August 2009 (song: “Edward Leedskalnin”)

Simon and Schuster: Judith Keenan – Book Shorts: Video Book Trailers 2009 (song: “Mysterious Forest”)

Food Network Reality Series, Season 3 – Chopped: Episode 3.8: “Sweet Redemption” January 12, 2010 (song: “Cosmic Ocean”)

History Detectives Season 6, Episode 7 Black Tom Shell; USS Olympia Glass; Front Street Blockhouse (song: “Edward Leedskalnin”)

Current TV 7th Amendment U.S. (song: “Edward Leedskalnin”)

Films using my music and art:

24 Hours After – The Kennedy Assassination by Time Travel Unlimited (Emmy award-winning production company in New York) November 18, 2009 (songs: Edward Leedskalnin” and “Abduction”)

Tank Girl by United Artists -1995 (art: various futuristic posters used in farmhouse scene)

Jack describes his songwriting as: “The music I compose is written in a state of being similar to meditation and what has been termed ‘channeling’. Before starting a composition, I sit quietly and wait for the cosmos to show me where to begin. I search through sounds in digital synthesis and then listen for a given sound that reflects most accurately a part of what is being ‘channeled’ through me. I then manipulate that sound, fine-tuning it to match the message of the whole and add it to the emerging composition.

“Living out in the Arizona desert for thirty years has influenced everything I do. The spectacular night skies in the Sonoran Desert are a direct space portal. Through music we can enter that portal. None of my songs are ‘mixes’ of sample banks. All sounds are synthesizer-based modified patches or presets or created as new presets, lending to unique compositions.”



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Jack Andrews

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Monoceroti Expansion (06:30) Standard
Ancient Waters (07:02) Standard
Edward Leedskalnin (03:10) Standard
Voyage to the Pleiades (06:57) Standard
Mysterious Forest (05:50) Standard
Crystalline (04:51) Standard
Towards the Light (07:03) Standard
Eternity (06:39) Standard
Triassic Time Machine (06:22) Standard


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