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Biography / Info

The Vow

Graham Trust

- vocals, bass guitar and acoustic guitars

Martyn Gilbert

- electric and acoustic guitars

Tony Potter

- drums

Mike Smith

– keyboards

For a Dreamer

21 years after their last studio recordings, The Vow have made their comeback with a great new album ‘For a Dreamer’. This self-funded project took nearly 4 years to write, rehearse, record and produce. Singer/songwriter/ producer Graham Trust explains that "When I started writing the songs, it was my intention just to record a solo acoustic album. Having not written a single song for 13 years, I was astonished that I was able to reconnect with my muse and come up with some of the best songs I’ve ever written. My reflections on my dad’s death (and on life itself) helped shape the lyrical direction of the album - all pretty much ‘end of the world’ type stuff, but the music is bright, melodic, uplifting and full of energy. It’s an odd combination of bitter and sweet."

Recording began at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool in August 2008 and, shortly after that, things started to get a bit out of hand. "Once Martyn, Tony and Guy Davies (keyboards and production) got wind of this, they all wanted to get involved. The idea of an acoustic album got binned and it was then a full on Vow experience!" As it turns out, the only song which remains in its intended acoustic state is the title track ‘For a Dreamer.

Graham explains what inspired the album’s premier track ‘Spacedust’. "It came from watching too many Science documentaries on telly; the big bang and the subatomic world - those kinds of things. It gradually dawned on me that infinity works both ways - going into the future but also into the past. Infinity is an almost impossible concept to grasp anyway, but reverse infinity too? Mind blowing! So that's what I meant by ‘There's no beginning and no ending. Always was and always is. Never ending new beginnings - nothing more to life than this’. The rest of the song is a mishmash of memories from my childhood right through to the present. Spacedust is a reflection on death but also on a spiritual and physical eternity. Essentially, we are all just space dust.

Spacedust, The Dust on My Halo and For a Dreamer were produced by Andy Strange (whose credits include George Michael, Elton John and Robbie Williams) and Guy Davies (md for David McAlmont and Jimmy Barnes). The other 9 tracks were produced by Graham Trust with Parr Street’s resident engineer Andrea Wright.

For a Dreamer is a truly independent album by a truly independent band, proving that you don’t need a recording or a publishing contract to produce music of the highest quality.




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Graham Trust

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To the end of the world (03:36) Standard
A walk in the sunshine (02:49) Standard
As the crow flies  (03:06) Standard
Bluer than you (03:49) Standard
Peace in our time (04:00) Standard
Don't waste my time (03:06) Standard
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