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The band name (pronounced a-nee-ma) is of Latin derivation and means ''the breath of life''. Exploring the world of sounds through various sources of media, Anyma crosses too many musical barriers to be defined simply. Ranging from ambient to techno, the resulting music is both unique and irresistible.

If the term ''renaissance man'' can be applied to any contemporary person, it might be attached to Ghislain Caya, born in Montreal in 1966.

The Anyma view of the world is made up of original compositions, color imagery and forays into the seemingly unlimited world of electronic and synthesized music. With a complex yet satisfying mix of computer software, synthesizers, guitars, Latin and African percussion, Ghislain presents an inner spirituality wrapped in a soft cloak of hope.

Anyma has been compared to Enigma, Delerium, Enya and Dead Can Dance.

He builds on his strength as an arranger and composer, with particular emphasis on getting the correct feel for each composition.

Ghislain says he has found his style and identity and nothing will keep him from success. Perhaps the only suggestion a listener can offer to the uninitiated is this: Close your eyes. The breath of life will do the rest.



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Ghislain Caya

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Primitive beat (03:03) Standard
Ether (01:51) Standard
Synthetic love (04:21) Standard
Mother (03:57) Standard
Abeo (01:55) Standard
Floralis REMIX (03:11) Standard
Atmosphere (04:36) Standard
Monolyth (04:01) Standard
Faces in the mirror (02:25) Standard
Mixy (05:04) Standard


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