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It was like awakening from a coma - We feel as if we’ve emerged from a dream world in which we couldn’t escape. During that time, we adventured to places we could have never imagined. Now we’re back. We’re wiser and have a clearer vision of who we are and what we’re going to do.”

After what they considered a three year long evolutionary period, South Jersey based indie rock band Twilight City Fracture is grateful to have dedicated fans. Their quest to create something truly unique led the band down a path of self destruction. In typical rock and roll fashion, bad habits got the better of the band. The hype slowly died down, and in 2008 the band seemed like it was over. “We tried very hard to be different, and go down paths that would not lead to us to the same place many bands were going. We changed our sound. We changed our name. The ones that stuck by us still remembered who we really were,” says guitarist turned frontman, Jay Enger, regarding the return to the name that fans recall from 2004.  The band is now preparing for their upcoming EP, Exist.

Produced by Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Head Automatica, Say Anything), Exist sounds unlike anything the band has done before. The EP describes the demons that plagued the band through an imaginative story about the vast gray area between good and evil, heaven and hell, and life and death. The songs draw on the collectively vivid imaginations and childhood memories of the band. Classic video games, fantasy stories, and sci-fi movies provided inspiration for the mystical and majestic world that Twilight City Fracture creates. The band is working hard in preparation of a fall 2009 release, and is putting together plans for a tour in 2010. They have very high expectations for this newest recording and consider it to be their best yet. “We’ve been to the brink,” Enger adds, “We know the map pretty well. We’re going to go out there and finish what we started.”

What is truly special about Twilight City Fracture is their sound. Seeing no boundaries in what they write, they have been able to craft a sound that sounds that is completely theirs. The band’s sound is at times beautifully rich and powerful, and at others, tragically raw and bittersweet. The music simultaneously invokes visions of the post – apocalyptic scenery and the depths of the dreaming mind.   Musformation.com says, “Twilight City Fracture is different from nearly every band I hear playing guitar these days. I don’t feel like I hear their influences. I hear a new voice in rock, not the same old tired three chord song - which is rare.” 

Fans of the intertwining guitars of Circa Survive, the beautiful harmonies of Grizzly Bear, the intensity of Sigur Ros, and the heart of Glassjaw will enjoy Twilight City Fracture.



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