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Autistici creates audio narratives aimed at exploring the interchange between sound and space. Space in this context also includes the subjective space held within the listener. In this realm, reflection and fantasy recontextualise the sound according to the listener's inner world.

Autistici's work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and manmade world. Each detail (including elements from his own body) has the potential to become incorporated into the composition.

This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Autistici's sound.There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring).

Autistici has released tracks on 12k, Audiobulb Records, Hippocamp, Kikapu and Wandering Ear.


» Label: Audiobulb Records


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Public URL : http://www.yookamusic.com/licensor/bulb_autistici

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Title License Play Options
Breath Holding On To A Window (06:14) Standard Exclusive
Nurture Nature (02:40) Standard Exclusive
From A False Memory (03:36) Standard Exclusive
Before You Go (Curet Must Be Protected) (01:48) Standard Exclusive
Attaching Softness To A Shell (c) (09:00) Standard Exclusive
Ageless Visitor, Eroded Time (05:07) Standard Exclusive
To Human Form (03:52) Standard Exclusive
Broken Guitar, Discarded Violin (04:25) Standard Exclusive
Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window (04:43) Standard Exclusive
Wire Cage For Tiny Birds (09:09) Standard Exclusive


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