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Alone with his machines, mrpoulpy describes life. His own life. Others life. Things he shares with every human being and things that are peculiar to him.

On one hand, he tries to express in his own way feelings and bits of life of a man amongst the others and on the other hand, he analyses and displays himself in all his difference.

Being different is being a freak. But being different is also being a little bit more one of a kind. mrpoulpy's music, its contrasts, you may even say its contradictions, illustrates his will to defend his personality and to force recognition of his identity without having to sugarcoat it nor to dilute it to make it easier to handle.

There are so many things to say and so many ways to say it. From one song to another you'll think you're wandering in the neighbourhood of Soulwax, Daft Punk, Muse, Arcade Fire, Tim Hutton, Massive Attack or Nine Inch Nails but I think it is fairer to see this as one's global culture blended with his own history and his personal preferences exhaling into what he creates rather than a reflex, being conscious or not, to find the recipes that created the music he respects and envies.

Sometimes the indiscreet mirror of his feelings and relationships deepest intimacy, sometimes the screaming megaphone of provocative topics at a deliberately fuzzy borderline between cynicism, criticism and sarcasms, mrpoulpy's lyrics and music are always impressed with the withhold that is distinctive to his character.

His apparent coolness and stoicism, controlling a huge inner universe in constant excitement, are the Ariadnes thread that allows to the listener who accepts to enter into mrpoulpy's world to be projected into multiple universes while never really feeling lost.

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Spiderman (05:23) Standard
Call Me Back Sometime (Romance Of The Third Millenium) (04:40) Standard
I Loved Before (04:26) Standard
Is It All Worth It ? (03:35) Standard
Love Is A Masochist Game (03:44) Standard
Different (04:28) Standard
The World And I (03:21) Standard
Mr lonely (03:48) Standard
Cadavre Exquis (04:20) Standard
Love And Hate (03:08) Standard


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