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Top 5 questions

Do we have to pre-clear our entire catalogue?
No. We offer a unique service called "License on request" which allows you to enter into a negotiation process with the buyers for the part of your catalogue which is not pre-cleared.

Can we apply license restrictions?
Yes. You can apply product and sector restrictions, as well as ban the sale of licenses for the territory(ies) of your choice.

What is your pricing policy?
Our pricing policy is available here.

What are your commission rates?
Our commission rates per license sold are as follows :

Under 5.000 EUR VAT excl. :   30%
Between 5.001 and 10.000 EUR VAT excl. :   25%
Between 10.001 and 25.000 EUR VAT excl. :   20%
Between 25.001 and 50.000 EUR VAT excl. :   15%
Above 50.001 EUR VAT excl. :   10%

Will you charge us with an extra monthly or annual flat fee?
No. Having a label or a publisher account on YookaMusic is free.

Labels / Publishers - Terms and conditions


Label or publisher

Your professional licensing tool


Here are some of the functions we offer to labels and publishers:

Your dedicated page on YookaMusic.com

Present your company and your artists / composers. See Anorak Supersport's page, for example.

Fully control the licensing process

Set up use restrictions by product, industry, sector or territory and enter into a negotiation with the buyers for the part of your catalogue which is not pre-cleared (license on request).

Create playlists

Create playlists to highlight your catalogue.

Manage the payments to your right holders

Generate payment orders (remuneration) to each of your right holders.

Upload your catalogue at once

Get your free FTP account on YM and upload your catalogue at once.

And many more...

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