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What is YookaMusic?


Why register and set up an account?


Something wrong with the music?


What is a Job Posting?


What is a license? What does the license cover? What does the license not cover? How long is the license valid? Does the rate for a license vary depending on the production type (use)? With whom will we sign the license agreement? Can we sell an exclusive license to our music? Can we decide on the price of a license for our music? Do we get our own copy of the license agreement?


What is the License On Request? How can we place our music under the system of Licence On request? Can our entire catalogue be under the system of License On request? Do we have to apply the same price policy on YookaMusic as the one we apply offline? Can we invite a Licencee to negotiate license agreements directly with us / outside of YookaMusic?


Can one of our artists be in the "In the spotlight" section without being a member of the YM Network? Can on of our artist answer Job Postings without being a member of the YM Network?


What is an Opportunity?


Do we retain the ownership of our music? If we submit our music to YookaMusic, can we still do other things with it?


Can Licencees download a preview version of our music? Who compresses our music for the previews?


How much is a license sold for? What is your price policy?


What are your commission rates? Will you tell us when our music is licensed? When do you pay for the sale of licenses? How do you pay for the sale of licenses? Do you pay each right holder separately when there are co-owners? Will we get a statement with our income? Will we receive performance royalties?


One of our artist did a cover of a music track. Can we submit it to YookaMusic? One of our artist did a re-recording of music from the Public Domain repertoire. Can we submit it to YookaMusic? Can we post our entire catalogue at once on YookaMusic? What do we need to do to submit our music? What are the criteria to submit music to YookaMusic? What type of music can we submit? What is the audio quality requirement for submission? Why do we have to give you so much information when we submit music? Can we submit alternate versions of our music? Can we submit music that has co-owner(s)? Can we submit music that contains samples? What are our responsibilities for the music we submit? How do we know that our music has been received? How do we know that our music has been accepted? Who decides whether our music gets accepted or not? Can we appeal if our music is not accepted? Can we have our music removed from YookaMusic? Why does the removal process of our music take so long?


Can we apply use restrictions to our catalogue? How can our music be used? Do we get to approve where and when our music can be used? Can Licencees shorten the length of our music? Can Licencees integrate our music in the soundtrack (CD) of their productions? If a Licencee integrates our music in the soundtrack (CD) of their production, do they have to pay me royalties? Can Licencees integrate the music in the trailers of their productions? Can Licencees share our music with others? Can Licencees send our music to just anybody? Can the Licencees use our music in another one of their productions?


What is the YM Network?
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