In the spotlight: Cinematone

Cinematone composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Cinematone is a collaboration of Hollywood’s most innovative orchestrators and digital music experts under the direction of film composer Leonard Rogowski. A highly-educated and skilled composer, Leonard Rogowski thrives on the inventiveness of cutting edge music artistry utilizing the latest sensational breakthroughs in music technology.




Finden Sie die passende Musik für Ihre Produktionen!

YookaMusic.com ist eine professionelle Plattform zur Lizenzierung von Musik. Sie bringt Inhaber von Musikrechten (Komponisten, Labels, Musikverlage u.a.) mit Menschen zusammen, die Musik in ihren Filmen, Videospielen, Werbespots, Websites und anderen audiovisuellen Produkten verwenden möchten.

Mit Tausenden von Komponisten, Verlegern und unabhängigen Labels weltweit wird das Lizenzieren von Musik jetzt einfach und erschwinglich.

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In the spotlight: Levin Olsen

Levin Olsen composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Olsen is a self-proclaimed workaholic music composer and wrote a vast amount of music for inumerable international projects. This mainly includes movie trailers, commercials, publishing music, audiobooks, PC and console game. Eventually, many of his tracks, loops, stingers have never gone public before. With his overall passion for electronic and contemporary orchestral music, he simply loves to create a rich sound which is magical and emotional at the same time.



In the spotlight: Future Loop Foundation

Future Loop Foundation composes music for films, music for TV, music for radio, music for videos, music for advertisements, music for commercials, music for ads, music for games and music for websites.

Mark Barrott has been releasing albums as Future Loop Foundation since 1996's critically acclaimed "Time and Bass". His Career now spans four albums and numerous single releases including 2004's Scratch and Sniff EP. He has contributed over 50 tracks to various compilation CD's including Café Del Mar and remixed many artists including Tom Jones. In the past 3 years he has also put together a number of successful lifestyle compilation CD's. In addition, he has written music for MTV and VH1 as well as providing over 60 pieces of music for film, television and adverts in a wide variety of styles.


Vind de juiste muziek voor uw producties!

YookaMusic.com is een professionele muziek licentie website die, mensen die muziek hebben (componisten, platenlabels, uitgevers, ...) en mensen die muziek gebruiken in hun films, video games, reclame, websites en andere audiovisuele producties, samenbrengt.
Met duizenden componisten, uitgevers en onafhankelijke labels in de hele wereld is muziek licentie nu gemakkelijk en betaalbaar!

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Trouvez et licenciez la bonne musique pour vos productions audiovisuelles!

YookaMusic.com est une plateforme communautaire dédiée à la licence de musique qui regroupe les personnes qui possèdent des droits musicaux (compositeurs, labels, éditeurs, …) et les personnes qui utilisent de la musique dans leurs films, jeux vidéo, publicités, sites web et autres productions audiovisuelles.
Avec des milliers de compositeurs, d'éditeurs et de labels indépendants en provenance du monde entier, licencier de la musique est maintenant facile et abordable !



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Composers of the month: Pimpi Arroyo

Brazilian-born composer Pimpi Arroyo first got turned on to sound illustration in 1994 through his relationship with fellow artists and film directors. In 1996 Arroyo released his first full length album, City Zen, a combination of acid jazz, jungle, and cultural beats. His second full-length on Milan Records, Over Dream, followed four years later and is based on an extended version of a score for a film about haute couture at fashion shows around the world. ~ than in 2003 comes out a cd-dvd « spiral3 ». With ten videoart clips mixed in 5.1;the result is an eccentric mix of electronic melodies and abstract images which immers us in a rich and fertile creative environment.Veritable musical globetrotter he takes part to the Khamsa project a electronic remix of old maroccan songs.In2007 he reales the album »Sonido Cadaques » a collective cd writen and recorded in Cadaques small village in spain where Dali lived.Pimpi Arroyo has put toghether most of the musicians of the village to make a very special mix off all electronic mediterranean tendance. Lately he participates to the « Amnesia chill out session »remixing in lounge style his favorits artist songs.


Artist of the month: Dan Brown

Dan Brown [no text]


Composers of the month: Ian Hubball

UK based multi instrumentalist Ian Hubball creates a multi layered soundscape of highly emotional electronic and acoustic textures. The music is varied from dark electronica, tradditional, cinematic, world and experemental, but with a unique style. The perfect blend of acoustics and electronics makes the music warm with an organic sound.

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